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VendMate™ 1000 On-line Industrial Vending Machine Controller

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Product Overview

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend™) is pleased to introduce the VendMate™ 1000 on-line vending machine controller. This new product represents a quantum leap in the vending machine industry.

No longer are vending machines merely money-based dispensers of candy bars, soft drinks and the like. Instead, they are used as on-line terminal dispensers of - and accounting mechanisms for - any motor drivable product needed by employees to do their jobs.

With the VendMate 1000 Controller, employees can receive any item they need at any time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Plus, they are held accountable for every item they receive. Further, the server that the vending machine communicates with (and is a terminal to) determines which items, and in what quantity, an employee is authorized to receive.

With the VendMate 1000 system, which includes Tekvend's controller connected to from one to three vending machines:

 •  Employees receive items needed to do their jobs at any time, on any shift
 •  Employees are held responsible for every item dispensed to them
 •  Employee based hoarding and shrinkage eliminated
 •  Employees receive only the items they are authorized to receive
 •  There is no labor cost associated with dispensing these items
 •  Liabilities related to accidents are reduced essentially to zero

Keep in mind that each item dispensed is date-time stamped at the server as dispensed to a particular employee. On-line vending machines can therefore be refilled on a replacement only basis, significantly reducing inventory stock.

One obvious application for VendMate 1000 controller equipped vending machines is the dispensing of personal protection equipment (PPE vending) and daily consumables in a factory environment: gloves, sweatbands, safety glasses, batteries, Kevlar sleeves, tapes, tape measures, knife blades, lubricants, touchup paints, locks, lockout tags, etc.

Another obvious application is office supplies in a shared environment, specifically inkjet cartridges and other expensive consumables. A third applications would be hospital consumables such as bandages, gauze, syringes, suture kits, surgical gloves, antiseptic hand lotion, etc.

The VendMate 1000 controller installs easily into a Snackmart or similar vending machine. The vending machine in turn is connected on-line to a remote server hosted by a third party. Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) manufactures the terminal electronics and hardware that controls the vending machine.

If you are interested in this product, including new applications, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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